Who needs alcohol?!

Just inject a shot of children into a home and let the craziness take hold. It all started when Sophie emerged from doing a painting… not on paper, but all over her face. She looked liked she’d dipped her head in a pot of paint and it was one of those moments when I could have screamed, ‘What have you done!’ but instead I grabbed the camera and then turned her toward the shower with a smile.

Afterwards she said, ‘Can we do face painting now?’

A few minutes later and Sophie was adorned with every colour we had (at her request). Then came the, ‘It’s your turn for me to paint you Mummy’.

Then it was Daddy’s turn…

Charli managed to stay well clear! But she did decide that since we all looked like a bunch of clowns we should put on a show for her.

Here it is, unrehearsed, natural craziness at its best… (video by Charli):

There have been many times that Dan and I have talked about our life before children and we feel so blessed to have them in our lives. We enjoyed some pretty crazy days before and have always been active with outdoor pursuits ranging across the board with rafting, sailing, kayaking and walking to more sedate pastimes that are, for the moment, long forgotten – lazy Sunday morning’s in bed, long lunches reading every word of the weekend papers… a hazy blur. There is so much craziness in our lives right now and so much laughter. Long may it continue!