Lost in the Maze

Pacing around the maze,
All of a daze,
No shade from the haze,
But we are not fazed.

We have supplies,
We’re smarter than flies,
But, why or why,
As hard as we try,
Is the middle so elusive?

To be able to fly,
Oh me, oh my,
That would be cheating,
But we are tiring,
So let them crawl under,
The little ankle biters.

We meet those triumphant,
They no longer pant,
They have tasted the glory,
But it is our fury.

They lead us onward,
Our feet no longer trailing backward.
We hear the jubilant cries of our young,
And, finally, we have won!

After over half an hour of getting lost at Stoneridge Maze and ending up at the beginning countless times, we left Dan to jog around in the maze – whilst we retreated to the cafe for sustenance. He joined us, half an hour later, still no wiser! We were not to be beat, and headed back for a third time. Close to the middle, we let the girls crawl under the hedge to join the other children laughing in the middle. Finally, some children helped us see the light and we joined Sophie and Charli in the middle – about time too!