The House Shook – and it was no earthquake

I woke like a thunder bolt, darting a glance at the clock, which read 5.46am. The house was shaking. A deafening rumbling sound filled my ears. The roof was being heavily pelted with hail. Tin roofs are not conducive to a good night’s sleep when the heavens empty buckets of stones on us little folk far below. The dark blinds, firmly shut against the night, couldn’t hold back the dazzling lightening strikes that lit up the room every few seconds, followed by a deafening, prolonged crash of thunder, which literally rocked the foundations of our wooden house and shook the bed.

I sat up, fight or fright adrenal instincts in full flood. Mother bear took over, my first thought, ‘Oh no, this is sure to wake the children…’, but no! I cuddled up next to Sophie, her warm body and gentle breath deeply unaware of the elements battering our home; only a wall between us and them. Charli didn’t stir till gone 8am, again blissfully oblivious.

When they woke, they were so excited to see the ice remaining from the hail storm (snow would have been much more preferable – just love that silent fall of soft snow in the midst of night – but alas, Wellington doesn’t get snow – just lots of wind, rain and hail!).

Anyway, off to school and as I walked into the classroom, windswept and looking totally bedraggled, someone commented, ‘Well, you’d be used to this, coming from England!’ – never mind the fact I’ve not lived there for 10 year’s – and besides – they build houses properly over there – they don’t shake in a storm and there’s no tin roofs!

Bad weather looks set to continue for the weekend. Ah well, there’s a price to pay for the wonderful summer we had. No joy without suffering!

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