A Jewel in the Crown: Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

Lyall Bay hasn’t been quite the same since the devastating fire at the Maranui Cafe and surf life-saving club (reopening in 2010). Thankfully Havana coffee, wholesome food, jams and quality ice-cream is back in the bay with Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli, owned by the Maranui crew.


The side-walk deli on Queen’s Drive, with European style seating on the pavement, has quickly become a popular gathering place for coffee lovers in the bay and sleep deprived parents. Glimpses of the bay glittering in the last of the summer sun feed the soul with happy vibes (or perhaps that’s the affect of the coffee).

The deli is a delight to the senses from floor to ceiling, with jars of produce, fresh bread, pastries, pies and many more gastronomical delights (and a horse hanging from the timbers, which instantly captures the children’s attention with the thought of, ‘How do I get on it to have a ride?’).

We walked down to the bay on Sunday afternoon and it was a perfect day for surfing, beach fun, riding a bicycle along the promenade, drinking coffee (every day is good for that!) and watching our little gems sparkle as they ate ice-cream and played carefree till the sun set beyond the hill.