Coo, Coo! Alice at 5 week’s old :)

Alice 5 weeks

She’s all coos and her big sisters are right there to join in with some dove singing and ‘a goos’. Wow she’s getting strong with her neck muscles and rolling onto her side. She’s growing way toooooo fast and the time is passing us by quicker than we’d like. We are treasuring every teeny, tiny moment (I’m even typing this with her balanced on my lap, sleeping peacefully). Ooops, typed too soon and will now have to revert to one handed typing whilst feeding her…

Stuff it, this is too hard at 10pm so I’m off for some shut eye with my baby – now back to sleepy, happy, blissful slumbers.

Meanwhile, a wee trip down memory lane to when the girls were so teeny, weeny….

Charli at six weeks on her first holiday (we were brave!) in the Marlborough Sounds

Sophie all coos and smiles at five weeks