Punga Fern Easter Art

The Maori people identify the unfurling Punga fern frond or ” Koru” design, with values of youth, strength and vitality, life unfolding, the family or Whānau, its care and protection. It seems, therefore, a perfect symbol with which to celebrate Easter in New Zealand. Charlotte came up with the idea of Punga art for Easter, after hearing the Easter story and how people waved palm branches as Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem.


After creating one punga art piece and suggesting we hang it up she then showed Sophie how to do one. Sophie was very proud of herself cutting out the shape – as she is still mastering cutting with scissors. Charlotte also made a colourful paper chain to hang up and they’ve gone through the cuddly toy baskets to find all the chicks and rabbits. It’s like Christmas without the stress! Any excuse to decorate the house.

Creativity in progress…


Finished art-work on display…