What I Did In My Early Days..

I was born on Saturday 28 June, 12 days overdue, at 11.12pm (or so my Mummy and Daddy tell me – it was all a blur to me!). Although I was really comfy in my Mummy’s tummy it was great to finally see the voices I’d heard for so many months. I was very wide awake and I think everyone was surprised at how alert and happy I was after such a long journey into the world (though I’m a strong little one and didn’t find it too bad!).

I spent three days in hospital, where I was quite unsettled (though Mummy and Daddy tried to make me feel safe with my favourite CD that I’d heard in Mummy’s tummy and some smelly lavender stuff). After the bright lights and the noise of the hospital I was so pleased to get home. My Moses Basket was lovely and snug. I surprised Mummy and Daddy by sleeping most nights from around midnight to 5am. What a good girl I am. But all this changed after the six week jabs – yuck!

In my first six weeks I quickly learnt how to hold my head up and enjoyed being walked around the house (lots & lots!) – Daddy even thought of painting a racing track on the floor boards. I also loved to hear my Mummy and Daddy talking to me – Mummy even read me some Harry Potter! I enjoyed looking out of the window at the lovely view – even though it’s all out of focus – the colours are really cool! I was also very busy feeding – some days I didn’t even leave the bedroom and stayed cuddled up with Mummy. Poor Mummy complained that I was like a piranha and that I was sand papering her nipples, but after three weeks we both got the hang of things.

My Daddy was a great help to my Mummy and gave me lots of baths, cuddles and changed my very dirty nappies. When Mummy was feeling better, we went on our first outing to Island Bay. I slept the whole time, but the sea air smelt wonderful. My favourite outing in the first six weeks was to see Daddy play football. Mummy pushed me round and round the muddy pitch and it was really bumpy. I like bumps.