School’s out and everyone’s at the beach!


Charli’s entire school, of 180 pupils, walked down to the beach on Friday morning. Sophie and I picked her up just after lunch, as we knew she’d be pretty tired. She had a great time; though found the walk there quite tiring – carrying her heavy back-pack (bless, she is only a pint size lass – all 15kg of her!).

She brought home a jumping, burrowing sand insect in her lunch box. ‘Lovely!’ I exclaimed, ‘But please keep it outside’.

I took the following photo, of the school down at the beach, whilst I was doing my morning rounds. It really was a top day for the school to be at the beach.


I love her continuing art-work on her white-board. She left this on Thursday evening, when she popped down to the beach to pick up some fish ‘n’ chips for dinner. And the ‘pool’ one she left on Friday ‘avo, when she headed out to the swimming pool with Sophie.

DSCF6352 DSCF6360

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