Alvin!!!!! Movie Birthday Party for Charlotte

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 was in the house Saturday night for Charlotte’s 7th Birthday celebrations!


The countdown for the movie party started days before. Fairy lights twinkled away the mid-winter gloom and balloons were strung up north, south, east and west. Goodie bags stocked, balloons stuffed with lollies and attached to elastic bands for pinging around and making lots of noise (and popping and eating later), chipmunk pictures painted and stuck up, movie, popcorn, lights, camera…. action!


The cake was made the day before, with Charlotte proudly mixing, stirring and measuring out all the ingredients to make her own Birthday chocolate cake. It looked divine as we took it out of the oven – and then quickly dipped in the middle – oops! Thankfully, Sophie had made a cake the day before, so we cut out a circle from that cake and popped it in the middle of Charlotte’s ‘donut’ cake to make a stage for the chipmunks.

We covered it with icing on the day of the party and used white writing icing to do the writing. Charlotte put gummy bears around ‘the stage’ – with some nose diving into the icing. It looked fabulous and was mixed with love and laughter – essential ingredients for any Birthday cake 🙂


The party kicked off with a game of eating chocolate fish – NO hands allowed! Always lots of laughs. A round of pass the parcel made good use of a glut of McDonalds toys filling the drawers 😉 Charlotte opened her beautiful presents and has been treated to some lovely gifts.

I snuck out with Alice at the beginning – under orders of my very wonderful hubbie and good friends. I’d been working hard all week with the preparations and food; running on very broken sleep. Normally I have a little tipple to quell my pre-party nerves – but what with breastfeeding at still regular intervals there wasn’t much hope of that 🙁 A coffee at Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli was just the ticket. Alice had a nice nap and I missed the wild arrival.

By the time I returned everyone was just finishing off their chocolate fish and settling down to watch the movie. On with the chips, cheerio sausages and popcorn.

After the movie we all chomped into the cake, played around with glow sticks and Dan bravely lit a few fireworks in dire weather conditions!

A wonderful Birthday Party and we are so proud of our beautiful first born, who actually turns 7 on Monday – so we’re busy making fairy cup cakes for her to take into school for her class mates!