Action Girl

Sophie the action girl, your enthusiasm is amazing.

You love thrills and are fast on wheels. Cycling, scooting, roller blading. Twice this week we’ve gone to Kindi on foot and back (6.7 km!). You did great – though had a rest in the buggy for part of the way (Mummy did great pushing you and carrying Alice too!).


At Kindi you can often be found sawing and hammering at the work bench. You love artwork and being creative too.


Give you a ball and you will run for hours, with some fancy footwork that keeps Daddy on his toes!

You are dancing, swimming and writing too! You really want to read and it won’t be long, as you recognise all your letters and are starting to learn small words and sound them out. You are so looking forward to school, but are loving Kindi in the meantime.

IMG_0844 IMG_0857

We love your energy, enthusiasm and determination. Thank you for baking us yummy treats too! We need a little extra sugar to keep up with you. We’re gearing up for Charlotte’s 7th Birthday party on Saturday, when you will be four and a half. Thank you for helping turn our house into a twinkling delight of fairy lights and baking a lovely chocolate cake for your sister.

Forever on the go, that’s you!