Daddy & Daughter Time

Charlotte & Dan enjoyed a very special Daddy & daughter time one Sunday evening at the beginning of the school holidays. I booked them on a special, guided night walk at Zealandia: The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. It was for children aged 7 to 12, accompanied by an adult, and I thought it would be a very special way to mark her turning 7 only a week before. They were joined with a friend from Charlotte’s class, and her Daddy.

They set off at 5.30pm for a 90 minute tour of the sanctuary, with the aid of special red-light torches; so as not to offend the native species lurking in the bush. They walked up to the old gold mine, where they saw weta and lots of glow worms, which Charlotte said, ‘Were shining with light and when I shone the torch light on them I saw their fishing line tentacle things, which they used to catch food.’ As they sat and enjoyed some really sweet, hot chocolate they heard a rustling sound and saw a glimpse of a Kiwi!

They didn’t take any photographs, but the memories live on and they had a fabulous, special time.

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