The Loveliness of Nature to Nurture

As I strolled through Zealandia with Alice this morning, I reminisced on the pre-school days when I used to bring Charlotte and Sophie to explore.  I watched their little sister noticing words for the first time and so eager to learn in nature’s beautiful surrounds.

Alice notices words

Nature really is the best place to nurture.

Kaka feeding station

And as Alice looked up at the Kaka feeding station, I smiled with the thought that Charlotte and Sophie have their roots firmly planted with nature too. They may not remember the many pre-school days I spent walking, watching, touching, feeling, being in nature with them – but their neurons are definitely wired with a sensitivity and love for the natural world.

As Alice and I ducked in and out of the bush, seeking cover from the rain showers, I delighted in watching the awe on her face as droplets of water splashed her peachy skin. The same water that was on this earth millions of years before us. The vegetation looked so rich and luminescent, glowing in a fresh shower of rain.

Nature at its Loveliest

I can’t wait to go back soon with Charlotte and Sophie to explore some more. They had their first parent-teacher conferences of the year this evening and both received glowing reports. We’re so happy they are so enthusiastic about school this year and learning.

Even away from school they are perpetually learning. The love of learning is strong in them and it’s a joy to be a part of. At the weekend Dan took them to the wonderful ‘Museum of City and Sea‘ – after a physical workout at Fergs Rock Climbing Wall! He took this wonderful photograph of them and admired their incredible focus.

Charlotte & Sophie at Museum of City & Sea

Seeing them so confident, independent and happy gives me great faith that Dan and I have given them a great start in their early years. And even though Alice won’t remember the details of all these little excursions we share together now, she will have the seeds of learning, wonder, inquisitiveness and passion for life, learning and nature flowing strong in her veins.

Alice, a young learner