Sophie meets the All White’s coach!

At the Phoenix Family Day, at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, one little dribbler was so chuffed when the All White coach, Ricki Herbert, signed her football…

Sophie and Ricki Herbert

It was a stunning mid-winter Sunday and football fans turned up in the thousands.

Westpac Stadium, Wellington

The bright yellow Phoenix flags flew proud in the sunshine.

Phoenix flag Wellington

Sophie had a go at dribbling the ball alongside her sister…

IMG_1118 IMG_1120

Before lining up to get her ball autographed and proudly showing it off in the press room…

press room

She enjoyed checking out the player’s rooms and walking ‘the tunnel’ too…

The tunnel IMG_1134

Whilst marvelling at the ‘velvet’ green ‘turf’ (as her Daddy described it)…


She sympathised with her Daddy that he has to play on boggy pitches every Saturday and admired some real talent…

IMG_1131 IMG_1140

And Mummy did the same… (tee hee)

All White's Goalkeeper Mark Paston

Quite a Sunday for our little football fan! Charlotte was a great sport tagging along too and we had fun kicking a ball round before the gates opened to the stadium.


Alice was a sleepy trooper too, waking briefly to admire the yellow seats, before falling asleep again (bless her, we later made a visit to after hours and the doctor said she had a nasty virus, poor love x).

Mummy & Alice IMG_1121

Gooooooo Phoenix!