So proud of my sister!

The Pennine Way updates from my Dad continue…

I received an e-mail this morning to say my sister has ran over 24 miles, from Malham to Hawes, with a friend in about 5 1/2 hours!

The photo below shows my Dad waiting on the tops near Hawes for my sister (photo taken by Mum). Pen-Y-Ghent is in the background, which my sister ran over!

Pennine Way, Pen-Y-Ghent in background

My Dad said there was lots of driving involved for him and Mum, followed by a few drinks + a light Indian. They are all hoping for an easier day to follow (whilst I sleep tonight).

I am SO proud of my sister and in absolute jaw-dropping awe of her running the equivalent distance of a marathon cross country!

The day before she’d walked over 20 miles to Malham.

Here’s my Mum and my sister in the evening, having enjoyed a nice meal at a pub in Kirby, Malham. They found a B&B which used to be a station on the Settle to Carlisle railway to stay the night.