Alice: Miss 7 months

Alice, you are 7 months old already and so desperate to MOVE! You get onto your tummy, after unhooking your leg, and then grunt in frustration as the toy you so eagerly wish to mouth gets further and further away as you move… backwards!


You are working so hard to get that lovely, tummy off the ground and move up on your knees. Watching you every day, getting closer to the day you’ll move and change our lives forever, is like watching an athlete in training. On the side-lines we cheer you on, in awe of your determination as well as fear of the inquisitive mischief maker you will soon become.

You love to hold our hands and stand on your feet too. You’ll try to pull yourself up on anything – a chair, the piano stool, a basket. And when you succeed you grin so big with a smile that says, ‘Hey, look at me, aren’t I tall!’ And then you let go and forget you can’t stand alone – oops – thank goodness for all that extra padding on your derriere!

MUSIC you LOVE! Your favourite songs are ‘If your happy and you know it clap your hands’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ – which we truly try to sing with enthusiastic vigor as though it’s the catchiest tune on the planet. You are always ‘pat, patting’ something to make a sound or shaking something that has a good rattle. You love to groove along when your sisters dance around you.


FOOD Still loving your Mumma’s milk and night feeds too. You so love to nuzzle your Mummy and give her big bear hugs and kisses. But you’re taking to ‘solid’ food too and chewing at all sorts with your FOUR pearly whites! Finger food is already a happening thing and you love to squish and squeeze the food between your cute little fingers. You get so excited over your sipper cup of water that your whole body starts shaking and your legs kick faster than a lamb’s tail in Spring. We wish water had the same affect on us.


SLEEP – you’re getting plenty, snuggled up with your Mumma every night. You turn to her for snuggles and a feed a few times each night, but stay happily shut eye till morning comes and catch 12 hour’s all up at night. In the day time you have three naps. A quick one first thing, a longer one mid-morning and then a quick 45-minute nap mid-avo (usually in the Mei Tai whilst Mumma bakes something for afternoon tea). Here you are happily taking a nap in Mumma’s arms in the cafe at the swimming pool…


NOISES You have just moved on from a freaky, deep, growling noise to more general banter, thank goodness. We really were considering calling in a priest, after you frightened a few old dears in the supermarket and had the neighbours whispering that you might be possessed! Charlotte, in particular, thought it was extremely freaky.

WATER PLAY You LOVE bath time and have been in the big bath from day one. Recently we’ve taken you to the swimming pool and you’re more than happy zooming around on a float in the big pool with your sisters. You are such a water baby. We reckon the odds are high on you catching the surf on a boogie board down at Lyall Bay before your sisters brave it!

So, cutie pie, here’s a little video footage of that deep growling and some extra bits tagged on… just so you can look back and see how very much you are loved by your big sisters and your Mumma and Dadda xx