Shaken Awake

From GeoNet

The blogosphere in New Zealand is full of news on the large earthquake which struck Christchurch in the early hours of this morning. ‘On the garden wall‘ blog from Christchurch reports that they were woken awake and have been feeling aftershocks for most of the day. Also from the South Island, ‘The Far Side of the World‘ also reports on their experience this morning. And ‘My guide to surviving and enjoying life’s mundane‘ shares what happened in their household this morning. Heather from Kiwi Travel Writer has been busy capturing the damage with her camera and William Knight of ‘This New Zealand Life‘ provides a round up of what the press is reporting.

And expat bloggers have also been reporting:

Juli Ryan of Wellington Road – Earthquake in New Zealand
Avalon’s blog reports ‘Major earthquake hits Christchurch 🙁
New views of New Zealand reports ‘Earthquake
Practically Perfect reports on ‘Earthquake in New Zealand
Don and Angela in New Zealand provide an update on the earthquake with some interesting information from a science perspective on the fault-line.

Here at Chez Lee, in Wellington, only Dan felt the faint rumblings from Christchurch. We all slept through it – which just proves that I am actually getting some deep sleep (even though I don’t feel like it most mornings!). A few fellow Wellingtonians were woken by the shaking, as M.N.M.’s movingly report and one friend said her young daughter screamed out wildly in her sleep about 15 minutes prior to the earthquake, which woke her up. I’ve heard of some people feeling ultra-low frequency waves, exhibiting the sensitivity that animals possess and most humans have lost. An old boss of mine jumped off her seat mid-meeting once in a state of heightened anxiety – a few moments later there was an earthquake!

Well, our thoughts are with everyone affected and hope the after-shocks abate soon – as it all sounds very frightening indeed x