Two minutes silence for Christchurch today

On this first day of Autumn in New Zealand the nation stopped in silence, exactly one week after the dreadful earthquake shattered Christchurch.

I was feeding Alice at the time, and flicked on the news to watch the scenes from around the country.

We are all very much in shock, but everyone is doing so much to help. Here in Wellington there are tons of  fund-raising events to get involved with to help the people of Christchurch rebuild their homes, lives and city.

Don’t feel like blogging much at the moment, just focusing on my precious family and making sure we are prepared, just in case (great tips from Juggling Motherhood on getting prepared). There was a 4.5, 20 km north-west of Wellington this evening, and the noise and bed rocking totally freaked me out. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch. We have a friend coming to stay tomorrow for a break from the relentless after-shocks; so I hope the ground calms down here for her x