Wardrobe Wednesday

Well it’s still Wednesday in the northern hemisphere, though I’m a day late here!

I have my head in a couple of books this week, for the first time since Alice was born in February, and it’s great to be reading again (thanks to Sarah of Kiwi Mummy Blogs asking for volunteers to review some books from Random House).


Sophie is full of cold and been off Kindi. Alice has caught it. And there’s a gigantic storm on the way.

Yesterday the sun came out and after a morning tucked in with Sophie and Alice we ventured out for a gentle walk to get a dose of Vitamin D.

Sophie took this photo of Alice and I…

Wardrobe Wednesday

Wearing my favourite jeans from Next (UK) that my dearest Mummy sent me. A cardi that my Mum sent (love you Mum!) and a brown top I’ve had for years from Country Road. Boots – can’t remember – but I love them and they are a nice, cheerful red. And of course, baby Alice! Snug in her Kathmandu body suit and Oyako Mei Tai.

Glad we made the most of the wee spell of sunshine whilst the going was good.

Right, back to cleaning up snotty noses, cuddling children and picking up tissues 🙂


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