Kids Click – Animals: Charlotte’s Fish

The theme currently running on Kids Click, till 10 October, is ‘Animals‘. I mentioned this to the girls on a rainy day of the school holidays. Sophie said to Charlotte, ‘But you can’t enter, cause you’ll win! I won’t stand a chance!’ This is because Charlotte won once before with her ‘Green‘ entry. Charlotte has very generously said to Sophie that should she win she’d pass the glory onto Sophie and let her judge the winner of the next competition.

Well they opened up the garage to the rain, scattered bread crumbs on the driveway and sat with cameras trying to photograph birds – but weren’t very successful. They took a few snaps of the fish too – but with the flash bouncing of the glass and the fish moving quite fast it wasn’t easy. So we left the cameras and did some other art instead.

Charlotte (age 7) created this beautiful fish and has hung it in the garden in her ‘Happy Den’. She took this photo of her fish this morning and this is her entry to Kids Click:

Charlotte's Kids Click entry

Sophie (age 4) finally had a chance to take a photograph too, with the sun smiling and Blacky, our cat cooperating. I passed Sophie the camera and said, ‘Quick! Take a couple of Blacky!’. And here’s Sophie’s entry to Kids Click:

Sophie's Kids click

If your children want to join in the fun then click here…