Look what happened before school & kindi today!

With time to spare, and two cupcakes going begging on a plate after breakfast, the girls decided to raid the larder for icing pens and get decorating. They went off to school and kindi fully loaded today 🙂

Charlotte pausing for a moment before tasting the goods…

Charlotte's cupcake

Sophie couldn’t get enough of the icing, or pause long enough for me to take a photograph… yum!

Sophie couldn't get enough icing on her cupcake!

Cupcake artists at work:

Cupcake decorating after breakfast

With the school fair coming up I’m hoping all their practice will pay off and they will happily decorate a couple of plates of cakes to sell.

Artist at work

The need for a sugar rush was quite contagious – as I found myself reaching for a small block of Cadbury’s Free Trade dark-chocolate. Alice looked at me with great interest and I looked back with guilt – though at least it wasn’t Nestle – been reading the shocking truths behind Nestle in this Boycott Nestle week – gah – imagine if Charlotte had become the Milky Bar Kid! I had no idea until I started reading all the tweets on it this week.

Dan was the only one to get out the door on a healthy footing this morning. He cycled to work. Sophie thought she’d try his bike for size and he pushed her around the house a couple of times…

Sophie tries Daddy's bike for size!

What crazy activities have you found your family doing before the school run? I sometimes wonder if we are mad! We’ve had face-painting, dancing, obstacle courses in the garden, cycling races around the house, treasure hunts… the list goes on 🙂 weary sigh and smile x