Wardrobe Wednesday: Someone’s learned the art of keeping awake!

It’s close to 1am and little Miss 8 month old has decided it’s the perfect time to exercise her vocal chords. She has a beautiful voice and is making the most delightful sounds, only her timing is awful! I have brought her downstairs so she doesn’t wake up the rest of the household. I can only hope this is a temporary blip and a combination of some developmental milestone / teething that has caused this nighttime wake up call. She usually sleeps all night (with a few feeds – but still she rolls over and sleeps!). She is currently sat in my lap bright-eyed and bushy tailed, babbling away at the cat.

I didn’t get round to the usual ‘Wardrobe Wednesday‘ today (yesterday) since it had the theme of ‘something made by me’ this week – ahem – well – the last time I made something to wear was at school when I was 16 and I only wore it once – for my confirmation. It was a delightful (ahem) a-line (pencil skirts were the fashion at the time) maroon (what a colour!) skirt – mmm, can’t think where that’s hiding!

However, I did take a few photographs, since I was wearing something made by Charlotte. She made the beautiful necklace and bracelets at the Bead Gallery in Nelson over a year ago, not long before I became pregnant with Alice. They were such a beautiful surprise gift for my Birthday and Dan said she made them all by herself (except for adding the clasp).

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Here’s a close up of the necklace, taken in April 2009, when Charlotte gave it to me for my Birthday:

Necklace by Charlotte

And here I am, with my darling daughters, enjoying a Birthday meal at ‘The Honest Lawyer’ in Nelson:

April 2009

And here’s another photo with the man of the family (because he means the world to all his girls):

Birthday meal at Honest Lawyer April 2009

It was lovely to put on this necklace today and remember a wonderful holiday. I haven’t worn much jewelry in the past 8 month’s and I miss it. Alice, of course, mouthed and chewed on it, but not too obsessively! I think she’s nearly nodding off in my lap here, watching me type away in the dark. Here’s hoping she sleeps well till the sun is well in the sky.


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