Wardrobe Wednesday: Wishing for Sunshine

Wardrobe Wednesday: Wishing for Sunshine

I’m wearing this colourful t-shirt from good ‘ole Marks & Spencer (thanks Mum!) in protest of the weather this week. In case you can’t read the words, they say, ‘Sunshine’ (weather please take note!). It’s not been too bad in Welly (down south they’ve had hail and another large, 5.0-magnitude, aftershock). We’ve had a few sunshine spells to keep us dancing in and out of the wind and rain. It’s four season’s in a day weather, that’s for sure. The temperatures haven’t been too bad though (twinkle toes on show, out from winter hibernation).


Trousers and brown long sleeve top are from Kathmandu. We have a Kathmandu shop around the corner from us and seeing as I don’t get to go into town and browse the shops these days I tend to get what I need in a mad dash from my local stores. I also wait for the sales and have found some great bargains in Kathmandu that really last the distance (though these trousers have seen a little too much crawling around on my knees and are looking a little worn). In the first year of all my children’s lives I went through the knees in trousers and jeans so fast – that’s what happens when you put knobbly knees and a baby to clean up after together.

Photograph was taken by Little Miss 4 going on 5 before Kindi. I’m finding this Wardrobe Wednesday is a fun exercise in trying to take a photo of oneself with little people around – or who I can grab to take one in the morning rush!


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I didn’t realize, till I linked up, that there was a ‘floral’ theme going on today… I must have been physic when I pulled my top out the wardrobe with daises on it!

Have a great day and hope the rest of your week shines 🙂

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