Cuddly toy take-over!

Toy take over

After the Kindi Fair on Saturday the girls were inspired to set up their own cuddly toy raffle.

They numbered over 60 toys with paper, pen and sello-tape!

Then they duplicated the numbers and put them in a bowl. This was a great learning exercise for Sophie in reading bigger numbers.

Dan was roped in to play, whilst Alice and I escaped for a nap.

They took it in turns to be the raffle stall holder and made this game last for 2 hours! Poor Dan had spent Saturday morning buttering 8 loaves of bread, peeling 2 bags of onions and then spent 3 hours cooking on the sausage sizzle at the fair!

When they were playing the part of the fair visitors they moved between the ‘raffle room’ and the living room pretending they were at the fair. In the living room they had music blaring. They would go and dance for a few minutes before knocking on the raffle room door and spending their pretend $1 coin on a turn at winning a cuddly toy. Because they’d duplicated all the numbers they were always winners – but it was a fun surprise to see which cuddly toy they would win!

When Alice and I came down from her nap there were a few toys left for us win. It was wonderful to see the huge pile of cuddly toys we have being used in such a fun, long lasting game. I’ve hardly bought any soft toys over the years, as family and friends have been so very generous. I have become quite attached to a few of them, with their own stories to tell.

Here’s the hero of the day being walked over by his big girls, whilst his youngest daughter practices her moves! Because, of course, Daddy is THE BEST cuddly of the lot!

IMG_2364 IMG_2362



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