Blogging taking a backseat as party elves get busy!

We’re counting down to Sophie’s 5th Birthday Party at home on Saturday! We’re in full party mode, making decorations, moving furniture around to make room for all the guests, including the fabulous Harry the Clown, baking, packing up goodie bags, wrapping goodies for pass the parcel, stuffing the pinata.

This week is all about our special Birthday girl (who actually turns 5 on Boxing Day).

Combined with the preparations for the party it is the last week of term. Charlotte has gifts for the teachers to bake and gift tags to finish. She is still with a cold, as are poor Sophie and Alice, so the tissue box is close at hand and we’re pacing ourselves. Ma and Pa are feeling shattered too and though we’re looking forward to all the fun, we’ll also be ready to put our feet up when it’s all over!

I normally blog when Alice has a nap, but I feel more like napping too at the moment, whilst Sophie rests on the couch. Charlotte is feeling well enough to be back at school this week and is enjoying seeing her friends.

We had a crazy weekend, what with Sophie going to a friend’s Birthday party, Charlotte spending most of Saturday at her dance show, Sunday was a pre-Christmas dinner at a friend’s house (I was too tired to go). We did fit in a nice walk on Sunday, which lifted my spirits. The troops were all keen for a walk so we climbed a big hill, with Charlotte and Sophie running on ahead shouting out for Ma and Pa to, ‘Come on!’. Alice napped in the back-pack, leaving Dan and I a rare opportunity to have a proper conversation and hold hands, ahhh!

Dan and Charlotte went along for the dinner, which sounded absolutely divine, whilst Sophie, Alice and I had an early bath and tucked up. Unfortunately the early bath didn’t bring about an early bedtime for Sophie – she’s not been sleeping till 8.30pm and waking at 6.30am! Yawn! Alice isn’t much better – waking at 5.30am this morning – but at least she naps.

Christmas preparations are still ticking along in the background. Daddy came home with thirty cracker snaps yesterday – so Charlotte and I started our cracker making production line last night.

Phew! I’m off for a nap…

Blogging will resume with lots of Birthday blockbuster and end of term posts when time allows 🙂

We are family x