1 December and up she goes!

With all three of my lovely cherubs at home with snuffly summer colds today we  took the opportunity to dig out the Christmas decorations from under the stairs.

Charlotte imagining an icy ChristmasAlice catches her first snow flake!Sophie enjoying each surprise as it's unwrapped

It was fun, messy and a little bit tiring…

Work in progress

The big boxes made for some fun dens and helped to keep Alice distracted long enough for me to put up the tree and drape the lights round.

Unpacking the Christmas decorations Alice's first Christmas!

The end result magical…

The tree is up with a little fairy underneath!

But this little tree fairy was uncharacteristically exhausted with all the excitement and fell asleep on the sofa!

Hope she’s well enough for her school visit tomorrow morning, she is so looking forward to it.  Summer colds shoo, shoo away, but  kinda nice to have my gals home to play and share the joy of putting up the decorations.  Time to cuddle my snuffle bugs, eat some dinner and hope for a good night’s sleep without too many coughs and sniffles.

Sweet Christmas dreams…

A very tired tree fairy


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