You know you’re a Mum when…

you turn up at the doctor’s surgery covered in glitter and don’t blink an eye when both the receptionist and the doctor make a very obvious statement about it.  ‘No,’ I replied (in a very matter of fact, this is perfectly normal tone), ‘I am not heading out for an extravagant night on the tiles (certainly NOT with this dreadlocked hair and chipped toe tail polish), it’s just that crazy Christmas time of year.’

Over the weekend we made beautiful Pohutukawa decorations and heart woven gift tags and decorations (must do separate ‘craft’ post when I get a moment).  The house is covered in glitter and it sits on the skin with the determination of a blood sucking leech. I don’t have time for all over detailed body brushing in the shower so the glitter tends to stick around for a while… especially in this muggy weather!

Charlotte set up a glitter trap for Alice – sprinkling a whole tube of glitter on a mini Christmas tree just at Alice’s standing height. Naturally Alice was keen to reach up and grab at a baubel and consequently brought the tree down on her head… showering herself in glitter.

Reaching for a baubel

I took this photograph after the glitter had caught her out – and Charlotte had spiked up her hair!

Alice with spikey, glitter hair!

Alice is really enjoying the sparkle and glitter of the season! She holds her hands up in the air and says, ‘Oooooooooo’ in awe of the light dancing off the glitter baubels.  She has so many thoughts in her little head, and it’s beautiful to watch her communicate with her eyes, hands, smiles and experimental noises.


I know I’m a Mum alright (would seriously doubt my sanity if I doubted it for a moment!) and I am so over super polished tables with no dents and ingrained glitter (though the sight of smeary, sticky hand-prints on the polished wood of the piano does irk me somewhat!).


But I would never allow my obsessiveness over the state of the ‘shine’ to interfere with the children’s music making… as this short video clip shows (though I do walk past the piano several times a day with a pink duster and give it a slightly manic rub – which I am sure doesn’t go completely unnoticed!).

Glitter on (and I know I can’t sing and I am very brave to put this on YouTube – but in the spirit of the season and all that…!):

You know you’re a Mum when you don’t mind posting video clips on YouTube of yourself singing very badly!