Theme for Week 2 of ‘Lyrical Sunday’

Thank you to Jen for linking up with the very first ‘Lyrical Sunday’ (which was themed ‘Christmas’).

This week’s theme is ‘Holiday’.

So whether you are lounging on a sun lounger or snuggling up in front of a roaring fire, come and wax lyrical about your holiday.

Come back on Sunday 2 January (2011!) to link up.

Lyrical Sunday

Charlotte and I have come up with a few prompts, but please feel free to go with whatever you feel inspired to write. We’re doing this for fun and to exercise our creative side (and for me to enjoy a break from the chores, parenting and nappy brain!). This was Charlotte’s idea and she says, ‘You don’t have to be a poet, just go with flow and let your imagination fly!’.

Here’s some ideas (in no particular order);

1. A dream holiday
2. A holiday at home
3. A holiday adventure
4. The worst holiday ever
5. A holiday romance

This isn’t about lyrical brilliance, but more about channeling our thoughts in a new and creative direction.┬áPost your creative thoughts on your blog and, if you like, add a photo, drawing, or, if you’re feeling musically inclined, add some music to your lyrics and record them!

Come back on Sunday to link up via a groovy ‘linky’ widget!

We look forward to freeing our creative side and being inspired by your thoughts too!