Misinformation Monday: Why is the Sky Blue?

This is a wonderfully fun idea, inspired by ‘Latte Junkie’. She has set up a list of questions that children often ask and the idea of ‘Misinformation Monday’ is to creatively answer the questions – with just a little bit of mind warping 😉

This week’s question is: Why is the sky blue?

Here’s my contribution…

Long ago, when the Earth was first born, the light that shone down on it was fiery and hot. The land too was a furnace of hot volcanic eruptions. New life burst forth and land surfaced from the oceans covering much of the planet.

As new land formed and took shape, with exotic species of flora and fauna, the blue depths of the sea bellowed out in protest, ‘Forget not how splendid the oceans and waterways of this planet are!’. So great did the oceans roar that the light of the Universe listened.


The planet spun under the glow of the sun, turning its face from darkness into light. At sunrise and sunset the sky continued to glow in the fiery colours of its creation; but during the day it was painted blue, reflecting the magnificence of the oceans.

And so when we look at the blue sky on a clear day, we are reminded of the oceans, the rivers, the streams, lakes and seas that flow with importance, weaving their course around and through the land. Even when we stand on land, far away from the ocean, we have only to look to the sky to remember its colour.



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