Lyrical Sunday – Week 4: Bags

Sorry for being a day late for Lyrical Sunday. We stayed away on holiday an extra night (to avoid a rough crossing of the Cook Strait). We are now back home and had a beautiful crossing. It’s nice to be home… but we’ll be happier once all the bags are unpacked!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the theme for ‘Week 5’.

Thanks to Jen of Snapshots and LJ and Stud1 of Latte Junkie for being so patient with me – the ‘Linky’ widget is now up and working for you to link up with your wonderful prose. Hoping for some new bloggers to join in too 🙂

Bags Before & After Children
By Sarah

There was a time in my life,
When bags were something of grace.
When I would choose without strife,
Leather, suede, velvet or lace.

I’d carefully display them,
With silk scarves and jewels.
Outfits to compliment them,
Lingerie, stockings and mules.

Now those bags of pre-child days,
Gather dust in drawers instead.
Coming out for dress-up play,
Tea parties with doll and ted.

My life is still full of bags,
But strength, and size, hold more sway.
Bags, full of books, and name tags,
Ready for school, dance and play.

Too many to keep in check,
Few as dainty or bedecked.
More Gortex than glitz. Hi-tech,
Durable and weather checked.

Shopping bags that carry food,
Packed with precision and care.
Not in a dash to suit the mood,
To fill cupboards ever bare.

There is no delicate bag,
With a hint of rose perfume.
For a traveller with jet-lag,
Who parties under the moon.

But now, bags full of treasures,
Like hidden gems and feathers.
Shells, sticks, petals and pebbles,
Without flair, but do I care?

Not at all, I’m very zen,
Precious times will pass in ten.
I’m so happy that I’ve found,
I much prefer bags with crumbs in!


The Bags I Bought
By Charlotte
Age 7

The first bag I bought, went to see a kangaroo,
The second bag I bought, went to the loo.

The third bag I bought, flew to the stars.
The fourth bag I bought, jumped to Mars.

The fifth bag I bought, swam in the sea,
The sixth bag I bought, ate a giant pea.

The seventh bag I bought, was a chatter-box,
The eighth bag I bought, got eaten by a fox.

The ninth bag I bought, grew a leg,
The tenth, and final bag, I bought, got stuck in an egg.


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