Things we are loving…

This week has been one of immense change. On Thursday the long, summer holidays came to an end. Charlotte and Sophie walked up to school (for Sophie the first day of her school life!) with school bags in hand.

Walking to school with Daddy cycling on to work

They were both full of first day excitement and both happy to be there. Sophie was delighted with her named bag hook and small class of only 9 children. She is very fortunate to have a very wonderful new entrants teacher for her first school term too.

Sophie outside her classroom

The first couple of days were all about settling in – and they spent much of the first and second afternoon playing on the school field and the flying fox.

Sophie on flying fox

Charlotte is settling in. She is in a composite Year 4/5 class. Some of the children in her class are nearly two year’s older than her! We shall have to see how that panes out. Early days.

Alice is loving having Mummy one-on-one (till the novelty wears off!). She can browse her own books and play with whatever she likes, when she likes (whilst accompanying me around the house doing chores!).

And I am loving Alice’s nap-time and being able to catch up on things (or nap myself!).

I love the continued bounty of sweet peas from the garden and this wooden heart sent from my dear Mum in England – I thought it added a nice touch of ‘love’ to my sweet peas with Valentine’s Day coming up.

Sweet peas with a touch of love

I love my folks so much and they are always in my thoughts. They enjoyed tea at ‘The Ritz’ in London this week, using a voucher we’d gifted them last year, to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Grandma & Granddad 40th Wedding Anniversary celebratory tea at 'The Ritz'

We are loving living near a great surf beach and the girls have been boogie boarding many times this week. Finishing off the week with an after school boogie board was just what we all needed.

Charlotte catching a wave on Friday after school

After school on Friday the girls had a look of ‘What now?’ in their eyes after six hours of being instructed to ‘do this, line up, eat now, move when the bell chimes’ etc. They needed to let loose and be free. The beach was just the ticket.

Sophie riding a wave in after school on Friday

Alice thought so too… and got stuck right in! Loving that she is digging the water so much 🙂

Alice getting stuck in at Lyall Bay

Loving our city, Wellington, when the NZI Sevens hits town!

NZI Sevens hits town!

Such a fabulous party atmosphere and so much fun for everyone.

Sophie dresses up for a trip into town for the NZI Sevens In the orange tent :) NZI Sevens

And finally, LOVING the sunflowers that have finally opened in our garden 🙂

Sunflower in the garden


Pop on over to Kirsty’s blog ‘Paisley Jade‘ to see what other things folk are loving this week!

As Kirsty says, ‘I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.

Here! Here!