Lyrical Sunday: Birds with guest poem from ‘Chicken’ Grandma!

It’s Lyrical Sunday time! Charlotte set the theme of birds and I really wish I’d made more time to write a poem on this topic. Birds are so inspiring and when I first thought about what to write there were too many ideas coming to me. I found it difficult to settle on one theme.

In the end, with school starting back in New Zealand, after the long summer break, I wrote a poem about reluctantly letting my little ones go.

Lyrical Sunday

Looking forward to reading your poems too!


Flight Training

by Sarah

My fledglings flew a little from the nest,

They were called to flight training, like the rest.

But their wings, so ready to feel the air,

Are tucked in neatly, with no room for flair.

So many air currents they’d love to soar,

But they must clip them in and wait to tour.

They start with smiles, so eager to do well,

But it’s not long before they bow to the bell.

I dream of flying free, with them on my wing,

Soaring and learning with freedom to sing.

Somedays I think they will fly best with the flock,

But one of them seems to wear different socks.

The colony isn’t for everyone,

Some are lone eagles, needing space to roam.

My intuition is talking to me,

Should I fly with the flock or try being free?

by ‘Chicken’ Grandma

Robins, blue tits, woodpeckers and more:
Watching birds makes my heart soar.
One little bird I will not see
Here in my garden, near to me.

I need to fly across the sea,
Walking New Zealand’s woodlands for me.
A flit, a flirt, a fantail is he;
A cheeky little bird entrancing me.

A little acrobat in flight,
catching insects for a bite.
Flitting round feet as we step
A lovely bird I’m glad we met.

Next to my favourite seat at home,
Sits an ornament close, by the phone.
A pretty glass fantail sent to me
by my grandchildren across the sea.


How they fly?

by Sophie, Age 5

Isn’t it amazing how seagulls fly,

In the wind and rain, soaring like a plane.

Their wings outstretched, breakfast they go to fetch,

Will it be fish or some other dish?

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