Things I’m Loving!

SUNSHINE! Yes, Autumn it is, but the sun is still smiling and the mean ‘ole Southerly has yet to throw its brutish force up the valley at school drop off and pick up time.

Sunshine at the beach

JOGGING! Yes! Alice is at home in her buggy these days and actually climbs into it when she wants to go for a walk, or a nap (she gets a tad impatient with me getting my running gear on and water bottles filled though… ‘Come on Mama! Let’s go already!’).

Jogging along the boardwalk

I’ve been for a jog three times this week. The more I run, the more I want to run (but get a bit grumpy when I can’t!). And it helps that we have fabulous views a stones throw (with a very good arm) from our front door – which makes exercising all the more appealing.

Views over Houghton Bay

AVOCADO – yum! Along with bananas they are a fabulous natural snack on the go (except they generally need some utensils to get into them!). Alice thinks the ‘ball’ in the middle is hilarious and makes for an instant toy when we’re out and about.

PEEK-A-BOO – endless fun for a little toddler and Alice still has a cheeky enough face and genuine ‘surprised’ look when we play to prevent the boredom (for me) setting in 😉 Just look at this face…

Peek-a-boo Alice

RED & BLACK for Christchurch and Coin trails in the school playground – the school raised over $500! It is to be given to a Christchurch school that our Headmaster did his teacher training at (sometime ‘last century’ he said!). So awesome!

Red and black for Christchurch

BEACH DAY for the whole school!

School hits Lyall Bay Beach!

HUBBIE WORKING FROM HOME! He’s been poorly with some virus and tucked away in the office upstairs, busy coding away and video-conferencing in with the guys in the office, but having his presence in the house has been fabulous. We’ve actually managed a few conversation; since over breakfast/pre-school is impossible and evenings are consumed with getting our live wires to bed – by 9pm usually – after which I’m ready to hit the sack and Dan usually has more work to do. We’ve gone out for lunch and had a scrumptious meal at ‘Elements’ in Lyall Bay – very worth a look in 🙂 He’s also loved having the opportunity to pop down to school to see Charlotte and Sophie come in 2nd in their school Cross Country!

Daddy & Sophie at school cross country

PINE OIL PADDLING POOL baths with Little Miss Alice who has chicken pox. Can’t really see the spots in the photos. They are mostly on her abdomen with a splattering everywhere else. She doesn’t seem at all bothered by them. Looks like she’s going to get off lightly like her big sisters.

Alice has chicken pox

So there’s just a few of the things I’m LOVING this week! What are you loving this week?