Things I’m Loving! Purple tights, red boots & more!

LOVE Purple tights and red boots, because sometimes a girl likes to pretend she’s a cosmopolitan chick – even if she does get very strange looks at the school gates of her local school. So after cleaning the windows (that nobody but her notices whether they’re clean or not), and being the laundry fairy to five people in her house, she balances the camera on a climbing frame in the garden, sets it to ‘sports setting’ self timer and jumps around in the ferns like a deranged pixie.

Autumn madness

LOVE This cosmopolitan, stylish diva of a daughter... who stops home from school (complaining of the onset of a cold) but still picks up her school books to work from home (and a cafe – because her Mummy NEEDS coffee!).

Miss Cosmopolitan

LOVE that the very same day this little miss helps her Mummy deliver school flyers in hundreds of letter boxes for the upcoming school car-boot sale in a howling southerly.

LOVE that she walked for nearly two hours with little complaining.

Posting flyers for car boot sale

LOVE that Alice is such a happy toddler. And she totally digs watching planes, kite surfers and anything on wheels whizz by. She literally shakes with excitement when she sees anything mobile.

Alice & Sophie watching the kite surfers at Lyall Bay

LOVE that Alice sleeps in her buggy and gives me the opportunity to enjoy a rare, quiet lunch at the wonderful Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli!

Alice asleep in buggy 13 months

LOVE the way Alice dotes on our cat (though our cat is also fairly tolerant!). She likes to try and hand feed the cat her dinner… (thankfully Alice has now learned not to eat the cat biscuits – bleur!).

Alice and our cat

LOVE Alice’s natural love of nature – which means we spend a lot of time hanging out in the garden acting like pixies, tee hee! And I LOVE making the most of gaps in the autumnal winds to enjoy the sun and go for a fabulous walk en-route to school pick-up!

Two pixies in the garden

Also LOVING that Charlotte & Sophie made it through their school audition for ‘Performance Assembly’ this Friday. Charlotte choreographed a dance, which she taught to Sophie. They practiced heaps – before school, after school, before bed… there were a few ups and downs, but they worked really well together and it was wonderful to see them having so much fun. Dan grabbed a cab from town to see the performance in time, before catching a bus back into town for the rest of the afternoon – his company is celebrating four years in business! Well done to all the YouDo team!

Finally LOVE Lyrical Sunday! It’s so great when our children inspire us and the themes that Charlotte (and, increasingly, Sophie too) come up with are really keeping my ‘ole cogs working (as well as ‘Chicken’ Grandma in England too!). One morning before school we were all in the garden doing headstands and handstands to get some inspiration for last week’s ‘Upside Down‘ theme!


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