Upside Down this Lyrical Sunday!

Upside Down Secrets of Youth Poem

A poem from my dear Mum (and wishing her and Chinese Grandma a very happy Mothering Sunday in the UK x):

Spinning on our world of awe

by Grandma – Celia Aspinall

Spinning on our world of awe
Day light there
Night time here
Whatever time
Always dear

Love birds
Up-right – upside down
Swinging on their perch
Looking at the ground.

Spider monkeys use their tails
Upside down never fails
Sloths move very slowly to0 –
Camouflaging as they move

Little geckos walk on ceilings
Upside down and move with feeling.
Catfish swim upside down
Along the surface of the water
Picking up insects without a falter

Anaconda – a big snake
That sleeps by day
Hangs out at night
To find its prey without a doubt

Koalas, flying foxes too
In distant lands to view
Here many squirrels to see
Hanging from the old oak tree

Upside Down by Sophie

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