Lyrical Sunday – Women

Latte Junkie has set the theme of ‘Women’ for ‘Lyrical Sunday’. I’m a day late – but there’s a good reason – I really liked this theme – but there were just so many diverse possibilities and angles from which to write (and I was concerned that I wouldn’t do justice to women with my words) so I spent all of last week procrastinating and not writing! Then I read Cyndi’s poem (aka Latte Junkie) and thought, I must put words to paper. Cyndi gave me some gentle encouragement and so, here’s a few ramblings (with each of my daughters in mind)…


You see her in the distance,
Chasing the horizon.
Independent, strong of mind.
She will forge the paths she walks.

My independent daughter


She’s often heard before she’s seen,
But when you see her, you shan’t forget her.
She’s wild, spirited, physically brave.
Fuelled by love & attention.

Wild & strong


She believes in magic still –
She never gives up on wishes.
She says, ‘One day I will be big,’
And I hope the magic stays.

Young and trusting in magic and dreams