You know it’s the school holidays when the weather does this…

Wild southerly Monday

Things to be thankful for!

Sunny Sunday

Boules & gelato after the Sunday market

It’s that time of year when the weather toys with us and we flit from board games and bagels to ice-creams and boules at the speed of a flying frisbee in a southerly gale.

Last night the chest of board games was dusted off, hardly touched since last winter. Charlotte and Sophie reveled in the novelty of it and played an incredibly harmonious game of Monopoly (99% unsupervised – just an ear out in case of any violent disputes over community chest) for nearly two hours! Meanwhile I kept young Alice entertained, nipped away for a splash in the bath and served up afternoon tea.

This morning we woke to the quiet that comes after a storm. The southerly gale finally blew itself out over night. The timbers of the house sighed with relief, as they ceased to bend and sway in the wind, and even the cat greeted us at the door with a smile this morning.

The blue sky is back and amazing hubbie (who is still working today – our hero) cooked up a delicious breakfast…

Terrific Tuesday

Charlotte is on day two of her art workshop, leaving Sophie, Alice and I to hang out at the beach. Tomorrow Dan escapes the office for some precious family time and hopefully plenty of sunshine for beach games too (we’re staying in a little beach house on the Kapiti coast).

Alice & Sophie enjoying some beach time

Have a very Happy Easter if we don’t return for a few days…

Off to eat lots of chocolate (that’s if the Easter Bunny got my note about us heading away on holiday… hope he finds the beach house okay!) and celebrate my 37th Birthday!

Happy Easter