Happy Mother’s Day this Lyrical Sunday!

By Sophie, Age 5

Mothers are kind,
Mothers are caring,
Mothers are nice,
Mothers look after you.
My Mummy is very, very nice,
My Mummy is very kind because –
she cleans up after me!

Sophie at the Colonial Cottage

My Mother’s Hands

Thank you Mum for loving me,
just the way I am.
Thank you too for guiding me,
when I need a hand.

I see your loving, gentle hands,
in all that I do.
Even though our hearts, are far
apart, on distant lands.

My hands care for my children,
in reflective love,
as though they have memorized,
your touch, like a glove.

© Sarah Lee, 2011


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Hope you have a very wonderful Mother’s Day (and even if it isn’t Mother’s Day in your part of the world, have a great week anyway!) x