‘Mothers’ is the theme for Lyrical Sunday (Week 18)

Mothers Day in New Zealand falls on the second Sunday of May. Many countries, the world over, have a special day to pay tribute to mothers, for all their love and support, and to make them feel special. The way in which Mother’s Day is celebrated varies from country to country, just as the date differs, but the feeling behind the festival is one shared with all; love.

This Sunday, 8 May, it would be wonderful to read poems on the theme of ‘Mothers’ and share our love. Maybe your children would like to write a special ‘Mother’s Day’ poem, which you could link up with on your blog for Lyrical Sunday? Or, if they are too young to write one, they could tell you or your partner the words that come into their head when they think ‘Mummy’! Or you could write a poem dedicated to your mother. Alternatively you could write a poem about how it feels to be a mother or what motherhood in general means to you.

Lyrical Sunday

And if you really don’t feel able to write a poem, then choose one of your favourite you like to read – or discover a new one from the many links below – and share it with us all this special ‘Lyrical Sunday’ for Mother’s Day. Even add a photograph, drawing or painting for added flair!

Here’s some wonderful links to inspire you and your children this Mothers Day;

Wishing you a very, very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!

I’ll have the ‘linky’ up ready for us all to share the love first thing on Sunday 8 May 2011!

You are Awesome!