Loving our little Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

This morning Sophie, Alice and I had a very special visit to our wonderful little Zoo in Wellington. Frances, who is happily living at our place, didn’t have any work on this morning and chose to join us – which was wonderful. She took heaps of photographs (normally I get to hide behind the camera a little more!).

We had a fabulous time and Sophie really loved being the ‘big sister’ for a change (and keeper of the map)!

Sophie our tour guide

We delighted in seeing the otters swimming; the new little monkey exhibit, where the male Emperor Tamarin was showing off with great agility (the keeper said they are on the look out for a ‘mate’ from another zoo!); the sun bears feeding; the lions resting; the rooster strutting and the red panda up close.

Some of the animals we saw

Alice loved viewing the animals from the back-pack. We let her out at the fabulous ‘African Village’ where we had a fun drum session (you’ll laugh at the video at the bottom of the post – we reckon the birds thought we were nuts)!

Mother & daughters

Sophie absolutely loved being the ‘big sister’ for a change. She’s really loved this week with Alice and is bonding with her so strongly. She’s over her cold now and we will ease her back into school next week. It’s going to take a while for her to adjust to her new class and teacher, but we’ll give it a good go. She really did LOVE school last term. She was fortunate to start in new entrants with only nine children and the most AMAZING teacher (who has sadly left the school now). It’s quite a change for her to be in a bigger class where everything is new and different. She LOVES learning, but isn’t liking the change of environment.

Ah well, we’re all happy at home and with the love and support she gets in bucket loads she’ll soon be settled. And if it doesn’t work out, we’re grateful to have alternate options, but it’s still early days. In the meantime, we’ll cherish the amazing moments we’ve had together this week, ease her in with part-time hours next week, and a chat with her teacher, and see how we progress.

Sophie, a lively, lovely monkey!

Our darling, young Alice has no woes to worry about at the moment (apart from a few eye teeth cutting through). She is striding out in confidence at 14 months.

Alice is striding out at 14 months

And with such adoring big sisters, she will always be well supported.

Sisterly love

This was Alice and Charlotte before school drop-off this morning (the dolls house is Alice’s firm favourite!). Alice LOVES to put animals in the house – and she finds it hilarious to see them tumble down the stairs!

Alice & Charlotte playing with the doll's house

Now here’s that video… (as I said before – there was no hiding from the camera with Frances tagging along – cheers mate!):

Have a great weekend! x


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