Things I’m Loving…

Treasures on the beach

Finding natural treasures on the beach after wild winter storms.

Moments in the sun despite a cold winter chill

Moments in the sun, despite cold winter chills.

Hearing the day-dreams of my daughter, which bring a smile to my face and warm my heart,

‘I’m going to have a boat one day and you can sail with me Mummy’.

Messages of adventure from loved ones far away.

Messages of adventure from family a world away.

Feeling a part of their journey, with my heart though not my feet.

Hearing news of triumph across historic landscapes.

Sending congratulations to my Dad and his friend on walking Hadrian’s Wall.

So happy for them to have the good fortune of my Mum and sister on hand as support crew.

Blisters soon forgotten with a pint and curry!

Sophie loses her first tooth!

Admiring the bravery of Sophie. Her first tooth, wobbly for a while, finally fell out this week.

She took a bite into a chocolate bar, pausing from her delight as she tasted blood.

The tooth was gone. Missing.

Could she have swallowed it?

Her Daddy went beyond the call of duty and checked her poop!
Sophie, ever optimistic saying, ‘There’s always hope!’.

She went to sleep, a big gap for the tooth fairy to see, and woke to find a note that explained the mystery!

Teeth so special as Sophie’s tooth get magicked up to fairy land the moment they fall out.
It seems fair Sophie’s tooth was destined for great things –  a fairy castle perhaps!
For Sophie said that when old people’s teeth fall out, they are used to make useful things like chairs,
not fancy things like castles!

Sophie was a little sad, at not having the chance to see her tooth,
but her sister Charlotte helped her to write a letter to the tooth fairy, which made Sophie feel better.

And the next day, as well as a letter and some money from the tooth fairy,
there was also a special bag of coins and another note from ‘?’
– the hand writing look very similar to Charlotte’s!

There followed only a gapped smile from Sophie, whose compassion for the tooth fairy touched all our hearts, as she said,

‘I’m so sad for the tooth fairy because she had to fly in the hail last night.’

Chocolate brownie yum!

Enjoying a fix of chocolate to take away winter blues, with home-made chocolate brownie & cream.

Wellington Zoo

Ever appreciative of our annual pass to Wellington Zoo, just around the corner from our home.

In awe of the amazing staff and the work they do at ‘The Nest’
(love following their updates on Facebook!).
Hundreds of prion seabirds were blown ashore in atrocious weather
and are now being cared for at ‘The Nest’.
We were amazed at the boxes upon boxes of birds, being individually nurtured back to full strength.
We took a couple of bags of old towels (in response to an appeal from the zoo) and watched
the staff gently rehydrating the birds and feeding them mushed up fish. Amazing people.

After school at Te Papa

Love visiting Te Papa after school with my girls. Their love for each other really made me smile this week.

They wrote messages of affection for one another on a fabulous interactive wall – so gorgeous!

And LOVING it’s the END OF TERM! I have two weeks to enjoy my girls 🙂

Charlotte starts a new school in Term 3 and is very excited!
She enjoyed a good send off from her now ‘old’ school, where she spent three years,
with a shared lunch of goodies and she got through auditions to performance assembly
and played the guitar beautifully 🙂


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