Sophie has a ‘cold’… (warning – school rant!)

but we know it’s not ‘that’ bad.

The reality is… she’s just started her second term of her school life.

She’s moved classes and has a new teacher.

There’s now twenty children in her small classroom. The children in the class are all getting used to each other and a new teacher.  Five, of the twenty children, moved up from new entrants. The existing children bid their term one teacher farewell as she is now on her own personal journey of motherhood.

That’s quite a change in dynamics!

Now take a look at Sophie’s personality…

She is HIGH energy ALL day.

She is highly enthusiastic, motivated, keen, bright, physically active, a ‘chatter box’, always asking questions, full of ideas and wants to please.

One has to ask, is she really going to be happy with six hours a day of little personal attention, having to learn at a set pace, with little opportunity to ask questions and express new ideas?

A vibrant personality

Let’s look at the Sophie of LAST week that attended school 4 out of the 5 days:

  • Not easy to motivate to get out the door in the morning.
  • Very tearful after school and highly emotional.
  • Exhausted emotionally, but not physically.
  • Talking about the children in her class, that had already done one term of ‘Year 1’, as being ‘not good role-models’ (she’d heard this from her teacher).
  • Disappointed at not having a day a week to bring in news.
  • Finding the work very easy and boring, asking to see and do things outside of school to feed her mind – visit the museum, library etc.
  • Looking withdrawn, downcast eyes, sad.

Now, let’s look at Sophie of THIS week (not attended school all week):
(She has a cold. She would be ‘okay’ to go to school, but is very reluctant)

  • Happy every morning & cooperative in getting dressed, even though she’s clearly blocked up with a cold and cough.
  • Keen to learn.
  • Completed a numeracy activity book for 5 to 7 year olds.
  • Completed a phonics activity book for 5 to 7 year olds.
  • Delighted in playing with her younger sibling and having an opportunity to bond.
  • Asked to help with domestic activities in the home and delighted in feeling ‘useful’ and being responsible.
  • Suggested ideas for baking and meals.
  • Spent hours writing (without any persuasion by me) – coming up with words beginning with certain letters.
  • Received a letter from a friend and wrote one straight back (decorating it) – all unprompted, self-driven.
  • Created a beautiful piece of artwork.
  • Completed puzzles of her own choosing.
  • Ran on the beach.
  • Enjoyed seeing Wellington from the top of Mount Victoria.
  • Played at the playground with children of all ages.
  • Investigated fungus growing in the garden and an old butterfly cocoon.
  • Talked with various adults we’ve met at shops and been listened to.
  • Chatted with our gardener that comes once a week.
  • Read books and asked to visit the library to get more out.
  • Sketched pictures at will.
  • Been happy, helpful, cheerful, positive, outgoing, wonderful!


What to do?!

Sibling love given a chance to blossom

(Charlotte, in the meantime, is LOVING school this week!)

Life’s rich tapestry hey….