A Spontaneous Friday Morning, Rainbows & Sculptures

There’s nothing quite so good as a Friday morning that’s starts off questionable, shows a little hope…

Rainbow on a Friday morning

…and then turns out beautiful. As sensible as it is to be organised and make plans, it’s also so liberating to have a slice of unplanned freedom in a day (or every so often).

After tanking up with coffee at Mojo, and dropping off our dear man of the house at work, we went chasing rainbows.

But rainbows in the sky weren’t what we found.

Rainbows of a man-made kind

The rain clouds momentarily parted as we drove toward home and we spotted the colourful sculptures on Cobham Drive, alongside Evan’s Bay and close to Wellington Airport.

Colourful sculptures

We walked along the path admiring the sculptures, whilst watching the airplanes flying in…

Evans Bay watching the planes and enjoying the sculptures

Loving the dynamic sculptures moving in the gentle breeze, so colourful and bright agains the ever changing sky. The sculpture below, ‘Akau Tangi’ is the original Maori name for Evans Bay and references the lamenting sounds of the wind in the bay.

‘Migrating to or from the sea with a connection to Wellington Airport, the work has windsock, sentinel and bird-like associations.‘ Phil Dadson

Akau Tangi

Just as we returned to the car the rain clouds rolled back overhead. We drove home, wind-screen wipers on, and Alice drifting to sleep in the car.

Though the rain wasn’t long-lived. We had the most beautiful sunshine in the afternoon, perfect for a drive to the countryside for Sophie’s horse riding lesson…

Sophie riding Ely and feeding an after ride carrot

…before the sun dipped down to bed in the sky.

Sunset in the country