Golden times as a family at the weekend

Weekends are golden, precious family time. Our man of the house is so hard-working and amazing in taking care of his girls. He often works late into the small hours at night, but is always there for his children at bedtimes and weekends. He of course adores all the time he can spend with his daughters and this weekend was, as always, full of special moments. We went swimming together, laughed together, made music and did puzzles together, met up with friends and visited the museum.

He did all this with a stinking hangover on Saturday (Beervana Friday night!). He was up with the birds when his daughters awoke on Saturday morning, never complaining, just grimacing slightly and looking a little ‘pained’ and was slower than usual in his response times 😉 He even managed a game of soccer in the afternoon. What a good fella!

Alice doing a bird puzzle with Daddy in Te Papa - Peek a boo Kiwi!