Things I’m Loving

  • Friendships near and far, always in my heart and often in my thoughts.
  • Living in a city that feels more like a village, because of the nature of the people that live there.
  • Winter sunshine and early signs of spring with ducklings and daffodils already seen!
  • Beautiful scenery and clean air. Wellington, its hills, bays and ever changing skies.

Beautiful bays of Wellington & ever changing skies

  • Abc’s and the love of learning.
  • Apple crumble and jelly with berries.
  • Happy, healthy children.

Sophie loving homeschooling

  • Blogging and the friendships I’ve made. Admiring the strength of bloggers like Leonie of ‘Kiwi at Heart‘ to find something to love when life is dealing her a very hard time.
  • Being inspired and also seeing Charlotte inspire others with her love of writing and poetry (Cyndi, of Latte Junkie blog, sent Charlotte a special thank you present, after her win with this poem, for inspiring her to write again through Lyrical Sunday). Charlotte was so thankful and ran off to write a poem straight away.

Charlotte loving her thank you gift from Cyndi

Alice & Sophie loving the Nature Discovery Centre at Te Papa

  • Friendly bus-drivers that welcome a mother, buggy and two children with a helping hand to embark and disembark.

Sophie, Alice & bear on the bus

  • Seeing Charlotte bouncing with enthusiasm, energy and delight at being in a new school that suits her to a tee!
  • Hearing Alice giggle. Watching her run. Seeing her try to jump. Laughing at her cute ways and loving the new words she surprises us with each day.
  • Friday night cuddles with hubbie at the stables, whilst Sophie amazes us with her horse riding bravery, balance and concentration.

Sophie mounting Charm in preparation for her riding lesson

  • Having Frances lodge with us and help out with our children and home. Dan and I were able to relax this Friday evening, with her taking care of Alice and Charlotte, whilst we watched Sophie ride. After Sophie’s lesson, we snuggled up by the roaring fire at the wonderful Saddleback Cafe for a cup of pumpkin and kumara soup (and a glass of Pinot Noir for moi!).

Once a month Friday night treat at the Saddleback Cafe with Sophie

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