We’re going on an ADVENTURE for Week 26 of Lyrical Sunday!

Adventure at sunset

As the sun sets, we climb over the rocks, very carefully, making sure we don’t fall.

We see some art on the rocks. What a surprise!

Houghton Bay towards Princess Bay

We walk on, hoping the waves won’t splash us.

Mummy doesn’t think we’ll make it to the next bay, but I do.

We keep going and…

We make it! We make it!

We see a seal on the rocks and we climb very close to the seal.

The seal is only a pup. It looks at us. We look at it. It is very fun.

Princess Bay and we find a seal pup on the rocks

We walk home the easy way, on the pavement, instead of the hard, tricky rocks.

The sun is almost set.

Will we make it home in time?

Sunsetting as we walk home past Houghton Bay

Yes! We make it home!

I feel like I need three glasses of water and a rest!


© Sophie, age 5 (and a half and a bit!), 2011


Adventures in a life shared with love

With candle light, in he crept
careful not to wake the child.
It was not the child he sought,
but a longing for his wife.

She lay, awaiting his touch,
feeling a rise in pulse and nervous lust.

So long it had been since they’d
laid side by side. Hurried kisses,
hands briefly held, a neck
caressed at the kitchen sink.

Three children to occupy,
their love for them often all consuming.

A couple with once time for
lingering embraces –
walks in the park and fresh air scented kisses.
Sheets, warm, with limbs entwined,
lazy Sundays and long lunches.

Now they made do with glances –
looks of love and a knowing
that those days would come again.

But, for now, they must hold tight –
on a life raft of love.
Clinging to memories.
Grasping at chances.


© Sarah Lee, 2011


Poem by Charlotte


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Lyrical Sunday

This week’s theme is ‘Adventure‘. My eight year old daughter, Charlotte, came up with the theme after watching her baby sister, Alice, have a little adventure in her toy rowing boat (see Charlotte’s poem and photo collage here).

We hope you enjoyed our poems this week. Sophie’s poem was inspired by an adventurous walk we had on Tuesday at sundown. Mine was inspired by a rare, opportune moment!

Please join us with your poetry, lyrics or stories on the theme ‘Adventure’. The link-up will run all week, till Sunday 14 August. (New themes are set at the beginning of each week.)

Thank you 🙂

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