Theme for Inspiration Weekly: Fire

Inspiration Weekly

Here in New Zealand we’re entering our summer when camp-fires and drift-wood beach fires feature prominently (where permitted of course!). There is a romance of gathering around a fire, under a starlit sky, with good company and food for an ‘ole fashioned sing-along. Do you have any camp-fire stories to tell?

On the other side of the world we think of our family in the UK lighting candles and stringing up twinkling fairy lights. We think of roaring log fires in snug pubs and homes. What images does this create in your mind?

We’ve recently had ‘Guy Fawkes’ Night and the sounds of crackling, banging fireworks and sparklers has filled our skies.

Fire can be a comfort, an element for survival, a thing of romance or something to run from. House-fires and bush-fires fill our minds with dread, sorrow, fear and concern. My daughters came home from school asking if we had some books we could donate to a school in Auckland that had recently lost their library to a fire.

Fire can be metaphorical too. Fire makes me think of the belly of the earth and volcanoes, floating magma and explosive eruptions. It makes me think of fire-breathing dragons and a heart burning with inflamed love.

There are so many different ways to go with this theme – the hardest part is choosing which direction!

Please join us from this Sunday, 20 November, with a poem, story, photograph, artwork or any other medium you choose to express ‘Fire’. The linky will be open for a week, so join in anytime. New to Inspiration Weekly? Read about how it started here, view previous entries and grab the code to link back if you wish.

Can’t wait to read, see or hear what you come up with! Thank you for joining in with Inspiration Weekly! x