Fire: Inspiration Weekly

When this weeks inspiration weekly theme was conceived it was done on the after glow of fireworks, the childhood awe of sparklers and the Gandalf like magic of the colorful, exploding showers of stars and light in the darkened sky.

First thoughts were romantic. The warmth of a fire on a cold evening or the coming together of spirited people for a jolly around a campfire on the beach. This was before the tragic loss of life in a fire in a Sydney nursing home on Friday. Since then the scary, frightening, damaging side of fire has been thought of. Fire is an element, like all others, that can be a giver or taker of life. It can save lives and cruelly take them.

I woke this morning to read of a fire in Reno, Nevada, forcing people from their homes and felt so sad for them.

I felt unable to write anything fun or romantic in face of this news. What makes the Sydney nursing home fire even more shocking is that a nurse has been charged with murder for starting the fire. A deliberately caused fire, where most are unable to escape independently fills me with absolute horror and disbelief. There are many elderly people fighting for their lives, in terrible pain, right now. My thoughts are with them and their families. My heart feels angry and sad that they should feel such pain, whatever evil drove that man to start that fire fills me with disdain.

I will try to spend some time thinking of happier thoughts and memories and link back later x

Inspiration Weekly

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