The Gallery: My Photography Resolutions

The Gallery this week has challenged us to think about our photography resolutions for the year. Unfortunately I’ve been having too much fun to put into practice resolutions (or think of any) and have been merrily snapping away when opportunities allow (and children).

Last night, I enjoyed looking through the posts on ‘The Gallery’ and reading other people’s resolutions (hoping for inspiration). I laughed at the self-portrait instants people had captured with their aim of giving their children photographic proof of their existence for the future (we all know how easy it is to capture our beautiful children, pets and scenic wonders – forgetting to include ourselves in the picture from time to time).

I admired people that were boldly switching to ‘Manual’ (I confess to be mostly stuck on ‘Automatic’)… one day.. and continued to think about what my resolution should be.

Finally I thought I’d challenge myself to take more self-portraits when the new school term starts next week – of ‘real life’ from my children’s viewpoint – how they see me. Because once this wonderful summer holiday in New Zealand comes to an end, and my wonderful parents fly home to the UK, there won’t be lots of extra hands on deck to help with 101 chores and activities – or take photos. I shall be tempted to return to taking photographs of my favourite subjects – so that I can share them with my dear family in the UK – my children.

So, to start with, here’s a very hurried photograph I took a few weeks back, with the camera balanced on a bin in front of me. I set the camera to self-timer, picked up Alice, and ran in front of the camera to hopefully record the memory of collecting beautiful sweet peas from my garden with Alice (though she looks more interested in the biscuit in her hand!).

Me and my sweet peas - from the garden and in my arms - Alice Rose

I’ve been growing sweet peas since Alice was born, nearly two years ago. She adored them last summer – as she approached one – and even more so this year. I pick them fresh each morning and fill a vase on my kitchen windowsill. It’s a special little summer ritual and one I shall enjoy reflecting on for many years. It’s not a great photograph at all – but it captures a moment of me sharing something special with one of my children – and that’s the most important part of my photography resolution (be prepared for self-portraits of less fun-filled activities – washing paint pots, folding laundry, making beds….!).

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