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Lots to love this week, in between getting organised for Charlotte starting back at school on Monday, Granddad putting in a new waste disposal thingie ma jig in da sink (thank goodness for Granddad! He’s a genius!), Grandma ironing (a revolution in our house and my skirts have never looked so good!) and the man of the house working hard (with a night off for paddle boarding in the bay and well deserved Friday drinks with Granddad!).

First up…

❤ Charlotte’s gorgeous artwork…



She produced her artwork at the wonderful ‘Humdinger Children’s art studio‘ in Miramar.

❤ Alice makes singing nursery rhymes (even ones about spiders) very, very cute…

She really loves to sing and she took Grandma along with her to ‘Baby Rock & Rhyme‘ at Wellington’s central library this week! Grandma enjoyed it so much she bought the CD – and we’ve been grooving to the funky songs in the car ever since!

❤ A trip to Wellington Zoo touches our hearts…




❤ A night at Lyall Bay fills us with zest… Charlotte the mermaid catching a breather after catching some waves (even Mummy caught a wave on the paddle board – before wiping out, hee, hee!).

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❤ Grandma sharing some water colour painting tips with Sophie and Alice 🙂

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