Things I’m Loving: 500 Sandcastles

They appeared overnight on the beach at Lyall Bay. The once flat sand came alive.

sandcastles at lyall bay 2

Over 80 people brought buckets and spades, to work under the night-sky, to leave a surprise.

sandcastles 3

People stopped and stared in awe.

sandcastles at lyall bay 1

Children ran down on to the beach to explore.

sandcastles 7

Castles with moats and turrets…

sandcastles 5

Magical castles with crystals…

sandcastles 4

And castles with steps…

sandcastles 6

Castles that looked like giant wedding cakes…


Even the seagulls stopped to stare.

sandcastles 8

A thoughtful, heart-warming gift.

An idea from ‘Adventure Wellington‘ group,

which raised over $500 for Child Cancer Foundation.

People are all a chatter about the amazing castles…

Dominion Post: Castles spring up on Lyall Bay beach


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